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Certified Public Accountant

  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Review
  • Computer Consulting


Our Commitment to You

Providing the good life for yourself and your family is no doubt a major goal in your life. Helping you achieve this goal with less worry and greater ease is our commitment to you.

Whether you’re a big business or a small one, an individual with complicated affairs or relatively simple ones, you’ll receive the attention you need – when you need it.

You’ll find that we can take much of the worry and stress out of your financial life. We are ready to assist you in –

  • Keeping your taxes as low as the law allows
  • Building your personal wealth through sound investing and financial planning
  • Designing recordkeeping and accounting systems that help your business function efficiently and profitably
  • Helping you solve your business problems
  • Preserving your estate for your intended heirs


Service Tailored to Your Needs

v    Tax Planning and Preparation

We will prepare all of your tax returns to assure that you are paying no more tax than is necessary. Throughout the year we will monitor tax law revisions and discuss with you those changes that affect you. We will recommend tax-saving strategies and serve as your advocate in tax matters.

v    Investment Review

Your investment program will be reviewed periodically to be sure you are achieving the maximum return with no more risk than you want. As you consider new investment opportunities, we will act as your sounding board and advisor.

v    Financial and Estate Planning

Increasing your net worth is an easier task with the help of a financial advisor. We offer a total financial and estate planning program including an analysis of your net worth, investment review, family gifting, trusts, retirement planning and family business transfers.

v    Recordkeeping and Reports

If you’re in business and need recordkeeping and accounting systems, we can design them to fit your needs.

We can prepare or assist you in preparing payroll reports, journals, and general ledgers. We can assist you with your other financial recordkeeping and reporting requirements so that the red tape in your life is minimized.

v    Business Problem Solving

If you are starting a business, we can help you select the proper organizational structure and secure adequate financing. We will work with you and your other advisors to solve your business problems. You will receive assistance with loan applications, pricing, credit policies, cash flow, cost controls, and your other business needs.

If you need financial statements, we can prepare compilation, review or audited statements. Even more important than the preparation of these statements is the assistance we can give you in using the statements to manage your business more effectively and profitably.

v    You’ll Benefit From Our Experience in Other Areas, Too.

  • Computer selection and use
  • Business sales and acquisitions
  • Real estate sales and acquisitions
  • Projections, budgets, goals
  • Retirements planning
  • Inventory control system
  • Equipment purchases and sales
  • Pension and profit sharing plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • S corporation election


Get the Service You Deserve

You deserve timely, personalized service. Our personnel operate as a team to give you the best service at the least possible cost.

Open communication is vital to a good client-professional relationship. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and discussing your concerns at all times. You’ll find us good listeners – responsive to your needs and capable of meeting them.

Your affairs will be handled with strict confidentiality under the high standards of the accounting profession.

Fees are a function of the time and expertise required for your work. Our goal is to give you value beyond what you pay. We encourage you to discuss fees with us at any time.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Planning can bring your financial dreams to reality. Our strength lies in our ability to provide you with year-round planning for your tax, financial and business affairs.

We can make a difference in your financial life; we hope you give us the opportunity to deliver on that promise. Call us for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. Let’s get acquainted.